Something's Up at Reiche this Summer!
Reiche JTG Summer Science Academy 2015
Posted on 07/28/2015

JTG News from Mrs. Villani

If I had to describe the atmosphere at Reiche this summer, I'd have to say a high pressure system has invaded us!

For those of you that haven't had the privilege of learning from meteorologist Todd Gutner, the 'H' for high pressure stands for happy! That's right - there are many happy children learning all about air and weather this summer at Reiche. We have been learning how air can move things, is compressed, takes up space, and changes the color of dye (like when we made tie-dye T-shirts) and a plethora of other interesting air facts. We are scientists and create things: parachutes, kites and balloon rockets! Take a look in JTG Album at the Reiche Photo Gallery.

We have all become meteorologists and we observe the weather, including temperature and clouds. What do cumulous clouds look like? Where does rain come from and where does it go? Have you ever noticed the large thermometer on the outside wall of Reiche on the Clark Street garden side? Check it out! We've also been looking at our very own weather station and getting information from it. So cool!

We meteorologists had a pleasant stroll to the Portland Museum of Art one day where we were given tours and shown how different artists throughout time have depicted weather. Stormy, calm, sunny, foggy, peaceful- you name the weather, we saw a painting of it.

Meteorologist Todd Gutner from WSCH 6 came to visit us and gave us information about predicting weather and what he had to do to become a meteorologist. We all made special Thank You cards for Todd and one class even made a Weather Report video!

Our next field trip will be to Fort Williams where we will hopefully encounter winds strong enough to fly our super-awesome kites and to move the bubbles that we blow far, far out to sea. Then it's off to the airport to see planes landing and taking off. It's amazing if you really think about it.

Do you know how we start every day? Releasing lots of air. Well...sort of - we sing! Mrs. Fox leads us in cheerful, fun song and dance, which puts us in great moods for each adventurous day. Sometimes we are treated to the sounds of Ms. Harriman and her ukulele accompanying Mrs. Fox. On Fridays, the prize of the week mysteriously flies into morning meeting and the day and week ends with Ms. McDonough handing out popsicles to cool us off, and our hot air.

We hope you are having a high pressure kind of summer, just as we are!