‚ÄčHello and welcome to some art news at Reiche!

March 11, 2016
I am in the process of adding many photos to the Reiche photo gallery. Please continue to check back. We are very busy in the art room with most of the school finishing up self-portraits. Second graders used soft pastels to create self-portraits, third graders used oil pastels, and fourth and fifth graders had the choice of using soft pastels, oil pastels or watercolors. Their efforts have produced some stunning self-portraits!
First graders are working on a different kind of self-portrait where they had to think of what makes them special and then think of an animal that reminded them of that trait. Then they drew a character which combined their human features and the animal's features. Finally, they are drawing intricate backgrounds full of detail. The backgrounds are the place where the student does whatever makes them special. The pictures are like small stories- so great! 
Kindergarten has just finished figure drawing and imaginative figure drawing accordion books. Very impressive. They will be creating self-portraits next.