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I love rocks! Particularly gorgeous gems and minerals.
 We are so lucky to live in Maine where we can find...
 Morganite Tourmaline  Garnet  Amethyst 
 Morganite  Tourmaline Garnet   Amethyst
Just to name a very few!

We'll learn that rocks can be metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous. We'll see how they are formed in the Rock Cycle
Types of Rock
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Explore The Rock Cycle
More Rock Cycle!

The surface of the earth is always moving!

Learn about our changing dynamic Earth!

Look inside the Earth!

Read aloud site for Earth's layers

We'll learn the difference between a

 Amethyst  &  Mineral
 Rock    Mineral

We'll also learn how to identify minerals by
colorcrystal shapeand

We'll explore and learn about stunning minerals in the Smithsonian Museum and other sites. a wonderful mineral site.Smithsonian Collection
Learn about some minerals in our very own Maine State Museum

Can you find your birthstone?Birthstones
Some other sites to explore are:
Explore Enchanted Learning's Geology Picture Dictionary
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