Second Grade Routines
2nd Grade Routines
Please keep toys at home, as they often disrupt learning. Kids who want to bring something to play with during recess, may do so, but only if they are capable of keeping the toys in their backpacks for the rest of the day. If I see toys during learning time, I will keep them until the end of the school year, unless parents contact me directly. Of course, comfort items that help children feel secure, are always allowed. 

Share Time
Each day children have the opportunity to share news, books or items from home that tell about themselves, their families or nature. 

Homework will be a reading log and some math work. It begins on Monday, September 28th. Reading should take between 15-30 minutes a night. Students may get new books at school each day when they return an old book. Book logs are turned in Friday. Students will also have math homework Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. Math homework should take 10-20 minutes and be turned in the next day. At a second grade level, homework is another opportunity for students to practice their learning. It also helps children to practice the responsibility of working at home and returning their work to school. Homework should never become a burden, or a source of tears. if it does, please contact me immediately. It is always important to take family time for fun and sometimes emergencies happen. When things come up and your child is unable to do their homework, simply sign the paper so I know you’re aware.
What do I need for second grade?