Mr. Ochoa

Hi! Welcome to Mr. Ochoa's home page.  This page will help us in our learning journey.  For some of your reading assignments, you will be using

Mr. Ochoa's Web Page

Please, click on the link:

Storyline Online is a site where you can listen to books.

1. Just click on the link:

2. Find a book you may like.

3. Click on it and listen.

Kids A-Z.

 Please, click on the link:

Everyday, you will click on this link and read one book.  Here are the steps for this activity:

First, log in to your Kids A-Z home page.

 Second, go to your reading room.

Third, click on a book you like or read the first book assigned to you.

Next, listen to the book.  

After that, read the book and record yourself. To record yourself, click on the recorder button on the top right hand side.  Click on the journal button and write about what you read.

Finally, answer the quiz questions.


These links are to go to the reading site "ReadWorks":

1.Click on the link to "ReadWorks":

2. Find "Student Log in"

2. Enter the code for your grade level:


3rd: GRLT2Q

4th: MAMVN2

3. Next, click on "Vocabulary".  Listen to words' pronunciation and definitions.

4. Listen to the passage.

5. Answer the questions

6.  Send your answers.

Here is a link from Scholastic, so that you can read or listen to any book you like: 

1. Find your grade level.

2. Watch the video.

3. Listen to the book read aloud.

4. Read the book on your own.

This is a link to "Audible Stories".  

Click on the link and start listening:

Here is a link to the website BrainPop ELL: