Ms. Provencher

Hello parents and students!

I hope that you are all healthy and taking care of each other, while staying away from everyone else!  I find myself
missing school and seeing "my kids".  I am wondering what you all have been up to in past few days!  Please email me
with any questions or i
f you have a fun story to share:)

Remote learning will be in full swing Monday the 23rd.   

To begin our distance learning you need to log in to your Google docs (id
and accept the invitation to join the fifth grade Google Classroom.  Class code: a7scrc5
Click below to join our group!

Even though we're not in school together, there is still work for you to do. The expectation is that you will go to the
fifth grade Google Classroom (by clicking the link below) every school day and complete your math, reading and
writing assignments. Please do your best, remember upper case, capital I, punctuation, paragraphs, indenting
and flip it

Also, you will have two weekly assignments for Spanish, and one for gym, art and music that you'll need to complete. 

Be patient with yourself and with your teachers, we are learning right along with you!
See you in our remote classroom,
Ms. Provencher