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Click on “Useful Links” in the upper left side of this page to find this week’s activities. Please check this page at least once a week as if we were having our weekly music lesson. I am thinking of you and will miss seeing you!

Clique em "links úteis" no canto superior esquerdo desta página para encontrar a atividade musical desta semana. Por favor, verifique esta página pelo menos uma vez por semana, como se estivéssemos tendo uma aula de música semanal. Estou pensando em você e sentirei falta de vê-lo!

Haga clic en "enlaces útiles" en la parte superior izquierda de esta página para encontrar la actividad musical de esta semana. Por favor revise esta página al menos una vez a la semana como si tuviéramos nuestra lección semanal de música. ¡Estoy pensando en ti y extrañaré verte!

Guji "iskuxirka waxtarka leh" ee dhinaca bidix ee kore ee boggan si aad u hesho nashaadaadka muusikada ee toddobaadkan. Fadlan hubi boggan ugu yaraan hal mar usbuucii sidii adoo qaadan lahayn casharka muusikada toddobaadlaha ah. Waxaan ka fekerayaa waana ku seegi doonaa inaan ku arko!

Cliquez sur "liens utiles" dans le coin supérieur gauche de cette page pour trouver l'activité musicale de cette semaine. Veuillez consulter cette page au moins une fois par semaine comme si nous suivions notre cours de musique hebdomadaire. Je pense à toi et je manquerai de te voir!

انقر فوق "روابط مفيدة" في الجانب الأيسر العلوي من هذه الصفحة للعثور على نشاط الموسيقى هذا الأسبوع. يرجى التحقق من هذه الصفحة مرة واحدة في الأسبوع على الأقل كما لو كان لدينا درس الموسيقى الأسبوعي. أنا أفكر فيك وسأفتقد رؤيتك!

Notes from the Music Room
There continues to be rich cultural and musical experiences available to our students. Some music class lessons are designed to enhance these educational opportunities.

In November, students in the 4th and 5th grade walked to Merrill Auditorium to see the Portland Symphony Orchestra perform. In the spring, the 3rd graders will also attend a concert. At the concerts, students hear the PSO play different styles of music as they learn about the instruments and the elements of music. The PSO String Quintet performed a kinderkonzert, here at Reiche, for Kindergarten, first and second graders earlier in the month. It was an interactive concert, engaging students in  how music can help tell a story.
On December 1st,  all K,1,2,3 classes will attend a behind- the -scenes look at The Maine State Ballet's Nutcracker. The music of Tchaikovsky will accompany the dances, as students see an abridged version of the story told through ballet and music.

October Notes from the Music Room
Each month in music class, a piece of music is featured, where we learn through movement. During this activity, students sharpen their listening skills, learn about different elements of the music and are exposed to different styles of music.
This month the classical piece is "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg.  It is a piece that changes tempo and dynamics(volume) and the instruments playing, grow from two very soft sounds, to the full orchestra with loud, exciting rhythms.

Students continue to sing in every class and play classroom instruments.

Also, in October most classes began some study of African Culture. The 1st and 3rd graders added instruments to an African folk tale. The 2nd graders have begun learning about "Dinhe", a harvest dance from Zimbabwe.

September Notes from the Music Room

Learning to keep a beat to music is central to successful singing, moving, dancing,playing instruments and listening to music. Here are some September music class activities that develop a feeling for,  and the skill to keep, the beat.

Kindergarten: Tapping with rhythm sticks to The Syncopated Clock by Leroy Anderson- download it for the whole family to enjoy.

1st/2nd  grade : creating  beat patterns with rhythm sticks to the music Blueberry Pie sung by Bette Midler

3rd grade: Learning the  Name Game chant with a pat/clap pattern sustained, without missing a  beat

4th/5th grade: students working in pairs, playing instruments, performing steady beat patterns that include rests.