21st Century Community Learning Center

September 2019

Dear Reiche Families:

We are pleased to invite your child to attend Reiche LearningWorks Afterschool!

Reiche school staff and your child’s classroom teacher believe your child will benefit from the additional academic learning experience in LearningWorks Afterschool.  The program is designed to engage students in hands-on math, science, and literacy and expand their background knowledge, vocabulary, teamwork, communication, and analytical thinking skills. 

Our program integrates daily physical fitness, health, and arts/cultural activities. We offer field trips and invite guest presenters periodically, to reinforce learning and build community connections. This afterschool program is provided by LearningWorks, in partnership with Portland Schools, and is funded by 21
st Century Community Learning Center grants.

This program does not offer individualized homework help or tutoring, however, staff may provide opportunities for students to get started, offering guidance, during student choice time.

LearningWorks Afterschool Program Details

  • Program runs from September-May. 
  • Program runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays
  • Times are TBD, approximately 2 hours daily (+1 hour on early release Wednesdays)
  • No program on Fridays, in-service days, February or April vacation weeks
  • Students are expected to attend daily, unless otherwise discussed with site coordinator
  • The program is free to all participating students; healthy snacks provided daily
  • Students must be enrolled in grades 2, 3, 4, or 5 in anyt school year
  • Transportation home is available for eligible students. 
    • Please indicate on your enrollment form if you are requesting a bus. 
    • We will follow up to confirm eligibility.  Stops may be up to ½ mile from homes.              

To learn more about LearningWorks Afterschool visit the Learning Works Maine webpage or connect with our Learning Works Portland Facebook page for a glimpse of the invaluable academic and social opportunities we offer our students of all ages. Special events and field trips planned for Reiche participants and their families are posted on the Reiche web page "Learning Works" calendar . Please call 615-5312 with any questions.   Enrollment in LWAS is open to eligible students by invitation.  For more information on the LWAS program at Reiche School, please contact Toni Newsome at 207-615-5312 or Sincerely,

Toni Newsome                                                            
LearningWorks Site Coordinator and Lead Teacher,  Reiche School