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Dear Students and Families, First of all, I hope you are all well and please know that I miss you!  Know that the school, and schools everywhere are figuring out how best to teach you and give you the materials and resources you need to continue your education. I'm working on what's called "Remote Learning" which basically means doing everything online. It's cool. Until we get there I want you to know a few things: 1. Learning Packets will be handed out at King tomorrow.  Meals too, I believe every day from 10 - 12. Your parents should have received emails about this, if not, please let me know. This Learning Packet is for you to complete Wed, Thu and Fri. 2. I know you may feel "ugh" about the work. However, school is not over. It will just look different for a while. And like I said to my kids, Alice, CJ and Skye, it's going to be important to have routine, rhythm and structure. Your parents are figuring this out too. It'll be good for you to have stuff to do. 3. We're aiming to start online next Monday. Mr. M is getting training this week in how best to get you what you need. In the meantime can you let me know if you have a computer at home? (This includes a chromebook an older brother or sister might have.) Also do you have internet access? If you have neither I'm going to get them for you.  4. I think I'm going to set something up called "Talking Points" an app which is like texting for us as a group. It's cool because we can communicate as a group without everyone seeing everyone's number. For that I need to know what's the best number to reach you and your parents. Can you do that? We'll need this just so I can text you, also so that you and your parents can reach me easily.  I'll try my best to respond straight away. You can reach out anytime 8 - 4, kids. Parents, I'm here for you. Let's say office hours go till 6? 5. I'm planning on recording videos for us all. The next Mr. Gum book? It'll be important to stay connected, doing familiar things until this is all over.  6. On that note, I know that this may feel like a scary time. It's certainly new for lots of people. Even, Mr. M and I'm OLD! I'm practically ancient. It will pass, okay? Until it does we just practice those things we know are the right things; kindness even when stressed and worried. Empathy for those that are upset, or scared. And help. Helping is important. I'll be in touch more soon. Until then,  Best, Mr. M
Posted by Charles Marenghi  On Mar 20, 2020 at 11:03 AM 6 Comments