9/29 - Our Butterflies Hatched Today!
9/29 - Our Butterflies Hatched Today!
Posted on 09/29/2015
This is the image for the news article titled 9/29  - Our Butterflies Hatched Today!We were surprised at morning meeting to find that we had two butterflies where there once were two chrysalises. We learned that butterflies stick their proboscis into flowers and feed on nectar, so we got them right outside. They must have been hungry after two weeks of changing into butterflies! We also learned that when a butterfly comes out of the chrysalis, it pushes liquid from its abdomen into its wings. Slowly the abdomen shrinks and the wings fold out into their full shape. Our butterflies slowly opened their wings and we learned that we had a male and a female. When we checked again at recess, one butterfly was enjoying some nectar in nasturtiums and then flew to the top of a pine tree. Many thanks to Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Keegan for providing classrooms with lovely larvae!

 Monarch in a tree Male/Female Monarchs 
Kids pointing at butterflies