‚ÄčHello and welcome to some art news about Peaks Island Elementary School!

March 11, 2016
We have just finished, or are finishing self-portraits. Ms. Ryan-Humphrey's and Mr. Merenghi's class used soft pastels for their self-portraits. Ms. Mascolo's class had the choice of using soft pastel, oil pastel or watercolor. The results are gorgeous and full of personality! Check them out in the photo gallery or better yet, in person at school.
We will be working on creating mixed-media masks using materials that might otherwise be thrown out. Students are to think about what makes them special- an ability? their personality?- and then to think of an animal that reminds them of that trait or might possess that trait itself. For example: if what makes you special is an excellent memory, you might choose an elephant. Their mask will be a combination of their features and the animal's features.