Reiche Leadership Team
Reiche Leadership Team

Reiche's Leadership Team (LT) consists of 3 Lead Teachers, the Chairs of the 4 governance committees,
 2 parents**, a CO representative, and a Reiche PEA representative.

Leadership Team members for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Ted Hummel - Lead Teacher
Renee Serio - Lead Teacher
Lori Bobinsky - Lead Teacher

Co-Chairs of Instructional Leadership - Charlie Marenghi and Sarah Barnes

Co-Chairs of Professional Development Committee -  Joan Murray and Amy Wu
Co-Chairs of Internal Communications/Climate Committee -  Annetta Weatherhead and Anne Baltren
Co-Chairs of External Communications/Enrichment Committee - Jessie McCallum and Emily Harriman
PEA Representative - Shawna DeRice
CO representative and CO liaison - Jeanne Crocker, Assistant Superintendent

**The lead teachers meet separately with the PTO leadership on a monthly basis.

For more information about our journey to become teacher-led, please visit our Reiche Wiki.